Functions You Slowly Lose as You Age

functions-you-slowly-lose-as-you-ageThere is no other constant thing in this world than change. And as we age, more differences occur in our lives, including our environment, the people around us, and our bodies.

Speaking of bodily changes, many things deteriorate as people grow older. The body may weaken and sooner require a home health aide to assist.

And below are some of the things that may change later in life:

  • Appetite
    Many factors affect our urge to eat. And changes to the digestive system, diseases, hormonal issues, loss of smell and taste, pain, and discomfort are some of the notable factors of appetite impairment.
  • Muscle mass
    Losing the appetite to eat, stress, lack of sleep, and other reasons are connected to low muscle mass.
  • Strength
    When you lack nutrients and bone and muscle density, you may lose strength and be unable to do activities of daily living and personal care in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  • Vision and Hearing
    Eyesight and hearing are two important functions in our body. They play a role in a person’s life course. And with the impairment of these two senses, the risk for weakness, immobility, and morbidity gets higher. Seniors with vision and hearing problems may require companionship in Spotsylvania County to help them with mobility and give fall prevention tips.

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