Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors


Trips and falls occur for a variety of reasons, including health issues like diabetes or heart disease may impair balance. Medications that produce dizziness can also contribute to the problem. Other considerations include dangers lurking around the house or in the neighborhood.

As a reputable company providing Home Care Services in Lorton, Virginia, UPRISING HEALTHCARE SERVICES LLC is advocating for healthy living practices for all individuals. As a result, fall prevention has become ingrained in our care services.

To prevent falling, our highly skilled team providing Personal Care in Virginia has put together a list of basic guidelines:

  • Set an appointment with your doctor.
    By consulting your doctor, you can learn about the side effects of your medications, get your vision and hearing checked, and learn about the exercise programs you can do to stay active.
  • Illuminate your home.
    A well-lit home will help you avoid tripping over unrecognizable items.
  • Remove household hazards.
    It’s best to work with your family and healthcare services professional to identify potential fall hazards. Clearing clutter like cables, newspapers, and boxes and rearranging furniture and equipment might help.
  • Wear comfortable and practical shoes.
    Protect your feet with non-skid rubber-soled low heels or lace-up shoes with non-skid soles.
  • Use an assistive device.
    If you have trouble feeling stable while walking, consider using an assistance device. Canes and walkers can help prevent falls.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the effects of a fall. Elderly persons are particularly vulnerable to hip fractures, which may result from anything as little as stumbling in the bathroom.

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