Signs It’s Time to See Pain Management Specialists

Pain management specialists employ a multi-modal approach, which combines multiple strategies and treatments to address people’s pain from various angles. Whereby, individual requirements and the underlying cause of pain will determine which methods are to be employed. Having said all this, such specialists can provide invaluable help. Are you interested in learning more? UPRISING HEALTHCARE SERVICES LLC, a premier home care provider in Stafford County, urges you to keep reading!

If you suspect that you or your loved one may benefit from seeing pain management specialists yet require further information first, we care assistance professionals are at your service. Below are typical signs that you should be aware of:

  • You have been experiencing pain that lasts for several weeks or longer, despite trying various treatments or interventions.
  • Your pain is significantly impacting your ability to perform routine activities of daily living (ADLs), household tasks such as light housekeeping, work, or partaking in activities you enjoy.
  • You’ve previously tried remedies like rest, physical therapy, medicine, or alternative therapies and haven’t gotten much help from any of them.
  • You have multiple pain sources or a complex pain condition that involves different areas of the body.
  • You find yourself relying increasingly and inappropriately on pain medications to cope with your pain, and you believe it is no longer good for your overall health.

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