Strategies to Promote Medication Adherence in Seniors


Medication management is one of the most challenging tasks for seniors and their care providers. It is often a complex task as medications and quantities often change. This is especially true for seniors who are taking multiple medications to manage different chronic conditions. Hence, many rely on a home care agency in Prince William County to ensure adherence.

As a provider of home care services in Stafford, Virginia, we will discuss strategies to promote medication adherence in older adults:

  • Set daily reminders.
    Seniors should not skip their medication as it can affect how their body functions and make them more susceptible to illness. Set an alarm reminder on your senior loved one’s phone or watch. You can also have a family member, neighbor, or caregiver be responsible for reminding your loved one.
  • Sort pills into containers.
    For seniors taking multiple prescriptions, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Caregivers can presort different types of medications into daily reminder boxes or other dispensers. These containers are usually labeled each day of the week to make it easier to remember to take medicine.
  • Keep a medication list.
    Keep a list of all your loved one’s medications, and be sure to update the list regularly. This list should include information like dosages as well as prescription refill dates. It’s also important to note which medicines do not go together and which foods or liquids to avoid with certain medications.

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