Eliminating Allergens, Germs, and Pests at Home

eliminating-allergens-germs-and-pests-at-homeAllergies occur and trigger mild to serious reactions when your immune system overreacts to environmental factors. And these allergens include some foods, plants, animals, medicines, and other triggers.

Meanwhile, pests and germs lurk everywhere. They can thrive and accumulate in dark, damp, and untouched areas. And all these are dangerous to seniors. Aside from providing care assistance, we must ensure their safety at home.

To prevent these from causing troubles in your home, seek help from your home care agency in Prince William County and try considering the following steps:

  • Get rid of mold
    Mold spores are airborne tiny substances that are naturally present indoors and outdoors. To avoid these spores, close doors and windows during warm weather, use air conditioners and reduce humidity.
  • Sanitize your bedding
    Pillows, mattresses, and blankets are a haven for bugs, mites, and dust. Wash them in hot water each week to sanitize them.
  • Observe weekly cleaning routine
    Vacuuming keeps allergies in a controllable situation. If you don’t have allergies, wear a mask while doing light housekeeping. Use a damp mop with disinfectants to clean your flooring.
  • Control pests
    Left-over foods and kitchen waste in the trash bin attract mice and cockroaches. Use traps to exterminate these pests, then remove allergy-causing pest residue by wiping and washing hard surfaces. Seal cracks and other entryways to prevent re-infestation.

Assisted living homes in Virginia are lucky to have home care aides to join them in eliminating these disease-causing factors. If you need assistance at home, UPRISING HEALTHCARE SERVICES LLC can attend to your needs.

Call us at 703-672-2223 for home care services in Stafford, Virginia.

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